Animal Welfare Certification


EAST Certified
Animal Welfare Certification

Giving animals a better life

Taiwan’s First Animal Welfare Certification Label

Each time you make the choice to purchase a certified product you are helping to give animals a better life. Animal health and welfare are intimately connected, so better animal welfare means better health for you and the people you care about.


A Better Life For Animals

Every time you choose EAST Certified products you are sending a message of support to farmers that take better care of their farmed animals. Together, we can start a cycle of kindness and build a better world for animals.


Comprehensive Evidence-Based Standards

The animal welfare standards used by EAST Certified are based on international examples and localized with reference to Taiwanese industry conditions. The standards are raised each year in response to new scientific developments. This ensures that farms are continuously improving.


Led by a Reputable Animal Protection Non-Profit

EAST consults with local and international experts, industry operators, farmers and government representatives to develop impartial certification standards and strict auditing procedures.

The story behind the label

Why EAST Certified?

Impacting Countless Animals

Taiwan raises hundreds of millions of farmed animals each year to produce meat, eggs and dairy products, but only a tiny proportion of these animals are raised on farms that meet their welfare needs.

Living in Pain and Fear

For most farmed animals, inadequate space, the inability to carry out natural behaviours, and the pain and terror inflicted by dehorning, debeaking, castration and other mutilations – without pain relief – are part of everyday life.

Spurring Industry Change

We encourage farmers that want to improve the welfare of their farmed animals to apply for EAST Certified certification and join us in building a more humane farming system in Taiwan.

Empowering Consumers

Every time you open your wallet, you are casting a vote for how animals are treated. You can give animals a better life and safeguard your health by supporting products with the EAST Certified label.

Better animal welfare means better health for you and the people you care about

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[附註]Farm Animal Welfare Committee, FAWC 農場動物福利委員會


Freedom from hunger and thirst

Freedom from fear and distress

Freedom from physical discomfort





世界動物衛生組織 OIE 近年來積極推動人與動物「健康一體 One Health 」,提醒各國應全面提升動物福利, 強調人類的健康與動物的健康相互依存。





What the label means

A better life for animals

Standards for Dairy Cattle


The 11 Key Indicators of
Dairy Cattle Welfare

The 11 Key Indicators of Dairy Cattle Welfare

Improving the Lives of Dairy Cattle in Taiwan

Fulfilling these 11 indicators makes for a better life for Taiwan’s dairy cattle


Living Environment and Space

Food and Water

Relief From Heat Stress

工作區域 1

A Comfortable Space to Lie Down


Cattle Management and Care Records

Disease Prevention and Treatment


Breeding and Management of Pregnant Cattle


Calf Management


Treatment of Sick and Injured Cattle

Professionalism of Keepers


Biosecurity Measures

11 項指標.46 項完整評分項目



Standards for Laying Hens


Goodbye cages, hello cage-free farming

Healthy hens, healthy eggs ❤

The five principles for better hen welfare. Out with the bad eggs, in with the good eggs!

01 happy hen

Cage-Free Farming

Nesting Instincts

03 沙浴1

Foraging and Dustbathing

04 hen (chichaing)

A Safe Place to Perch

05 receive

Professional Management

Five principles and 114 specific criteria
There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ animal welfare, only better animal welfare

The standards that certified farms must adhere to will be strengthened year-by-year.

Certified farms will also need to set improvement goals, ensuring ongoing improvements to animal welfare.

The standards that certified farms must adhere to will be strengthened year by year. Certified farms will also need to set improvement goals, ensuring ongoing animal welfare improvements.

Certified 動物福利標章 Farms

JJFarm ✦ 吉蒸牧場-透明鮮乳
Hsu's Ranch ✦ 許慶良牧場-鮮乳坊許慶良鮮乳
Lucky Ranch ✦ 幸運兒牧場-鮮乳坊幸運兒鮮乳
Home Love Ranch ✦ 豐樂牧場-鮮乳坊豐樂鮮乳(930ml紙盒、936ml塑膠瓶)
✦ 民奉牧場-貓兒干鮮乳

Cage Free Alliance

EAST established the Cage Free Alliance in 2017 to improve the welfare of laying hens in Taiwan. The Cage Free Alliance certification mark will soon transition to the EAST Certified certification mark. During the transition period, certified farms may display either certification mark or display both concurrently.


Who we are

It’s nice to meet you!

We are the Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan, commonly known as EAST.

EAST is an animal protection non-profit established in 1999. We are the first animal protection organization in Taiwan with a holistic approach to animal welfare issues, and seek to find solutions to overlooked animal welfare problems.

We have worked to improve the plight of animals in Taiwan for more than 20 years and are committed to addressing the roots of problems affecting animals. In that time, we have successfully advocated for the introduction of watershed policies and legislation including the Animal Protection Act, the Wildlife Conservation Act, and regulations governing humane farming, transport and slaughter, while raising awareness of the plight of animals in Taiwan.

We have advocated for farmed animals since our inception when we investigated farms and slaughterhouses to expose egregious animal suffering. Since 2008, we have worked with the public, producers, food companies, and policymakers to improve conditions for farmed animals. EAST Certified is a continuation of this work.

Change begins with gratitude

We encourage you to reduce your animal product consumption and be mindful to avoid overconsumption or waste. When buying animal products, choose products with the EAST Certified certification mark. Together, we can create a kinder world for animals, you and your family.